Erasmus Community Netwerk

Erasmus Community Network

The Erasmus University is an entrepreneurial institution. There are more than a hundred active social structures, such as faculty associations, study associations, student social clubs, sports associations, and other social frameworks where individuals form lifelong bonds. This represents the social DNA of Erasmus University. In early 2021, the founders of the Erasmus Community conducted a survey to investigate how these structures and all generations can be optimally connected in a business context.

From the results of this survey, it was clear that there was a significant demand for an active, inclusive, and open network with co-working facilities. A structure equipped with quality activities, knowledge exchange, research, and a good service level, both online and physically. This network is intimately connected with both the business and social elements of Erasmus University. Based on this, the Erasmus Community Network was founded on December 11, 2021; it is the place where entrepreneurs, researchers, students, and entrepreneurial talents from Erasmus University meet and collaborate.

Vision: Lifelong learning and meeting new people enrich the individual. Both the individual and the collective benefit from this, both in a business and social context.

Mission: To connect, develop, and transfer knowledge, skills, and experiences by mutually facilitating and organizing activities and stimulating research.

Goal: To be a active network connected to the business, social, and cultural elements of Erasmus University, where members can optimally collaborate, share knowledge, and meet.

Key words: connection, positive, inspiring, selfless, personal development, opinion-forming, enlightenment, deepening, progress, enrichment, and purposefulness.

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