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Erasmus Community Gatherings and Events

Members of the Erasmus Community have a preference for hosting their gatherings at the Erasmus University. Once a month on Thursday, a networking session takes place, which may also incorporate a knowledge-sharing session or a workshop.

The Erasmus Community members facilitate events and meetings through a tabulated structure, which embody the following features:

  1. Educational and Professional Engagements: These may include Lectures, Meetups, Knowledge Sharing Sessions, and Workshops. They can vary from brief, motivating talks to full evening programs.
  2. Cultural Engagements: These comprise of organized visits to theaters, lectures, or museums. Additionally, members may create their own events for and by the community.
  3. Social Engagements: Examples are Thursday afternoon socials and networking events. These are ideally scheduled alongside or subsequent to other events.

The essence of these activities is encapsulated by the following keywords: connection, positivity, inspiration, personal growth, opinion shaping, enlightenment, in-depth exploration, advancement, enrichment, and purposefulness.


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